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God-Paved Memories

Today's Devotional

Assemble the people before me to hear my words so that they may learn to revere me. Deuteronomy 4:10

When my grown son faced a difficult situation, I reminded him about God’s constant care and provision during his dad’s year of unemployment. I recounted the times God strengthened our family and gave us peace while my mom fought and lost her battle with leukemia. Highlighting the stories of God’s faithfulness stitched into Scripture, I affirmed He was good at keeping His word. I led my son down our family’s God-paved memory lane, reminding him about the ways He remained reliable through our valley and mountaintop moments. Whether we were struggling or celebrating, God’s presence, love, and grace proved sufficient.

Although I’d like to claim this faith-strengthening strategy as my own, God designed the habit of sharing stories to inspire the future generations’ belief in Him. As the Israelites remembered all they’d seen God do in the past, He placed cobblestones of confidence down their divinely paved memory lanes.

The Israelites had witnessed God holding true to His promises as they followed Him (Deuteronomy 4:3–6). He’d always heard and answered their prayers (v. 7). Rejoicing and reminiscing with the younger generations (v. 9), the Israelites shared the holy words breathed and preserved by the one true God (v. 10).

As we tell of our great God’s majesty, mercy, and intimate love, our convictions and the faith of others can be strengthened by the confirmation of His enduring trustworthiness.

Who’s invested in your spiritual growth by sharing what God has done in their lives? What creative ways can you share His faithfulness and love across generational lines?

Sovereign God, thank You for empowering me to walk with sure-footed faith that crosses generational lines.


To encourage the Israelites to remain faithful to Yahweh by keeping God’s laws, Moses reminded them of what happened at Baal Peor in Moab (recounted in Numbers 25:1–9 and Psalm 106:28–29) to warn from their own history that their very lives depended on obeying God’s law. As an added motivation, Moses also reminded them that they were the only nation privileged to have a personal relationship and intimate fellowship with God and were the only nation given God’s law (Deuteronomy 4:7–8). Faithful obedience to God would distinguish them as a great and wise people (vv. 6, 8–9).

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