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His Amazing Help

Today's Devotional

[God] spreads the snow like wool. Psalm 147:16

The sheriff marveled at the prayers, estimating “hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of prayers” were lifted to God for help as the East Troublesome Fire raged through the mountains of Colorado in the fall of 2020. Living up to its name, the blaze consumed 100,000 acres in twelve hours, roaring through tinder-dry forests, burning three hundred homes to the ground, and threatening entire towns in its path. Then came “the Godsend,” as one meteorologist called it. No, not rain. A timely snowfall. It fell across the fire zone, arriving early for that time of year—dropping up to a foot or more of wet snow—slowing the fire and, in some places, stopping it.

Such merciful help seemed too amazing to explain. Does God hear our prayers for snow? And rain too?  The Bible records His many answers, including after Elijah’s hope for rain (1 Kings 18:41–46). A servant of great faith, Elijah understood God’s sovereignty, including over the weather. As Psalm 147 says of God, “He supplies the earth with rain” (v. 8). “He spreads the snow like wool . . . . Who can withstand his icy blast?” (vv. 16–17).

Elijah could hear “the sound of a heavy rain” before clouds even formed (1 Kings 18:41). Is our faith in His power that strong? God invites our trust, no matter His answer. We can look to Him for His amazing help.

What amazing help have you seen God bring in a dire situation? How does His help encourage your faith?

Amazing God, I bow at Your feet, humbled by Your merciful help whenever it comes. Thank You for encouraging my faith with Your sovereign power throughout the earth.


Psalm 147 opens and closes with the exhortation, “Praise the Lord” (vv. 1, 20); in-between, the psalm is dotted with short bursts of praise to God. This psalm uses a literary technique known as a chiastic structure. In this pattern, elements on either side of a central point mirror one another. The declaration of praise in verse 12 forms the center point of verses 8–18. Verses 8–9 reflect verses 15–18 on God’s care and interaction with nature; verses 10–11 pair with verses 13–14 about God’s providence and concern for humanity. This structure helps reinforce the idea that because of His power in nature and His provision for His people, the proper response is to praise and worship God.

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