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God’s Amazing Creation

Today's Devotional


Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Job 38:4


What began as a simple spring nature walk turned into something special as my wife and I trekked along our hometown’s Grand River. We noticed some familiar “friends” on a log in the rippling water—five or six large turtles basking in the sun. Sue and I smiled at the amazing sight of these reptiles, which we hadn’t seen for many months. We were delighted that they were back, and we celebrated a moment of joy in God’s magnificent creation.

God took Job on quite a nature walk (see Job 38). The troubled man needed an answer from his Creator about his situation (v. 1). And what he saw on his journey with God through His creation provided the encouragement he needed.

Imagine Job’s amazement as God reminded him of His grand design of the world. Job got a firsthand explanation of the natural world: “Who laid its cornerstone—while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?” (vv. 6–7). He got a geography lesson regarding God’s imposed limitations of the seas (v. 11).

The Creator continued to inform Job about the light He created, snow He produces, and rain He provides to make things grow (vv. 19–28). Job even heard about the constellations from the One who flung them into space (vv. 31–32).

Finally, Job responded, “I know that you can do all things” (42:2). As we experience the natural world, may we stand in awe of our wise and wonderful Creator.

How can nature bring you closer to God? How does it remind you of His great creative power and love?

Dear God, thank You for creating such a magnificent, diverse, fascinating world. Help me to appreciate Your workmanship and realize that You’re in control.

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An important answer to Job’s crisis of faith hinges on the words, “Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm” (Job 38:1). Instead of answering in a gentle whisper (see 1 Kings 19:12), God showed up from within blinding flashes of lightning and the roaring voice of dark clouds (Job 37:1–5, 14–16). God also didn’t tell him about the accuser, Satan, that our preamble to Job explains for us (chs. 1–2). Instead, from within the power and violence of a thunderstorm, the God of creation used the beauty and wonder of the world He’d made to help the servant He loved trust Him.

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