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The Man Who Couldn’t Talk

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise. Psalm 96:4

Sitting in his wheelchair at a senior citizens home in Belize, a man joyfully listened as a group of American high school teenagers sang about Jesus. Later, as some of the teens tried to communicate with him, they discovered he couldn’t talk. A stroke had robbed him of his ability to speak.

Since they couldn’t carry on a conversation with the man, the teens decided to sing to him. As they began to sing, something amazing happened. The man who couldn’t talk began to sing. With enthusiasm, he belted out “How Great Thou Art” right along with his new friends.

It was a remarkable moment for everyone. This man’s love for God broke through the barriers and poured out in audible worship—heartfelt, joyous worship.

We all have worship barriers from time to time. Maybe it’s a relationship conflict or a money problem. Or it could be a heart that’s grown a bit cold in its relationship to God.

Our non-talking friend reminds us that the greatness and majesty of our almighty God can overcome any barrier. “O Lord, my God—when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds Thy hands have made!”

Struggling in your worship? Reflect on how great our God is by reading a passage such as Psalm 96, and you too may find your obstacles and objections replaced by praise.

As you read Psalm 96, what stands out about our great God? What barriers to worship sometimes halt you? How can you grow from silence to praise?

Our great God, I do hold You in awesome wonder. How great Thou art!

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God chose Abraham as the father of His chosen people. Yet God never intended salvation to be the exclusive claim of the Hebrew nation. From start to finish of this majestic psalm of praise, we see God’s gracious inclusion of everyone who will believe. The psalm begins, “Sing to the Lord, all the earth” (v. 1). Verse 3 charges God’s people to “declare his glory among the nations.” Verse 7 calls on “all you families of nations” to praise God. The psalm concludes, “He will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples in his faithfulness” (v. 13). God’s plan was for His chosen people to bring the good news of His love to the entire human race.

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