Welcome to this devotional collection featuring God’s divine interaction with the peoples of the African Diaspora, meaning the millions of Africans removed from the continent between the 1500s and 1800s during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. They were scattered to the Americas, Caribbean, and Europe. But that’s not the extent of their story. This collection traces African footsteps in biblical times centuries before the slave trade and highlights their descendants’ continuing relationship with God.

Though vast in number and diverse in culture, Africa’s descendants share some things in common: We love to pray and worship, treasure our elders, appreciate our iconic leaders, care for our communities, honor our mothers, nurture new generations, and protect those in need. Our Creator has given us life, kept us, and caused us to persevere across continents for millennia. And He has promised a forever home to all who have faith in Him.

We pray these articles about this big story and great faith enrich and encourage you.

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