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What You’re Worth

The Lord said to me, “Throw it to the potter!” Zechariah 11:13

Now an accomplished writer, Caitlin describes the depression she battled after fighting off an assault. The emotional violence cut deeper than her physical struggle, for she felt it proved “how undesirable I was. I was not the kind of girl you wanted to get to know.” She felt unworthy of love, the kind of person others use and toss aside.

God understands. He lovingly shepherded Israel, but when He asked them what He was worth, “they paid me thirty pieces of silver” (Zechariah 11:12). This was the price of a slave; what masters must be reimbursed should their slave be accidentally killed (Exodus 21:32). God was insulted to be offered the lowest possible value—look at “the handsome price at which they valued me!” He said sarcastically (Zechariah 11:13). And He had Zechariah throw the money away.

Jesus understands. He wasn’t merely betrayed by His friend; He was betrayed with contempt. The Jewish leaders despised Christ, so they offered Judas thirty pieces of silver—the lowest price you could put on a person—and he took it (Matthew 26:14–15; 27:9). Judas thought so little of Jesus he sold Him for nearly nothing.

If people undervalued Jesus, don’t be surprised when they undervalue you. Your value isn’t what others say. It’s not even what you say. It’s entirely and only what God says. He thinks you are worth dying for.

How would you describe your value? Who can you help to grasp true value?
I’m grateful that I’m valued by You, God!


Zechariah is a common name in the Old Testament, with as many as thirty different people bearing that name. It was particularly appropriate for the prophet to carry this name, however, for Zechariah means “Yahweh remembers.” As one of the former exiles returning from Babylon, Zechariah’s role was to remind the people of Israel to remember the God who’d never forgotten them through all their years of captivity.

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