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Avoid the Door

Today's Devotional

Keep to a path far from her, do not go near the door of her house. Proverbs 5:8

The dormouse’s nose twitched. Something tasty was nearby. Sure enough, the scent led to a birdfeeder full of delicious seed. The dormouse climbed down the chain to the feeder, slipped through the door, and ate and ate all night. Only in the morning did he realize the trouble he was in. Birds now pecked at him through the feeder’s door, but having gorged on the seed, he was now twice his size and unable to escape.

Doors can lead us to wonderful places—or dangerous ones. A door features prominently in Solomon’s advice in Proverbs 5 on avoiding sexual temptation. While sexual sin may be enticing, he says, trouble awaits if it’s pursued (5:3–6). Best to stay far from it, for if you walk through that door you’ll be trapped, your honor lost, your wealth pecked away by strangers (vv. 7–11). Solomon counsels us to enjoy the intimacy of our own spouse instead (vv. 15–20). His advice can apply to sin more broadly too (vv. 21–23). Whether it’s the temptation to overeat, overspend, or something else, God can help us to avoid the door that leads to entrapment.

The dormouse must’ve been happy when the homeowner found him in her garden birdfeeder and freed him. Thankfully, God’s hand is also ready to free us when we’re trapped. But let’s call on His strength to avoid the door of entrapment in the first place.

What “door” leads to your greatest temptation? How will you avoid that door today?

Almighty God, help me avoid the door that leads to entrapment.


The wisdom spoken of in the book of Proverbs is multi-faceted, so much so that in Proverbs 1:2–7 (which introduces the book) seven terms are used to reflect its breadth and brilliance: insight (v. 2)—the ability to see between issues; prudent behavior (v. 3)—wise dealing; prudence (v. 4)—good judgment or good sense; knowledge (vv. 4, 7); discretion (v. 4)—the ability to plan ahead and plot a course of action with foresight; learning and guidance (v. 5).

Another way of viewing these wisdom qualities is to see them as wisdom’s companions, similar to attendants at a wedding ceremony. Where wisdom goes, they go, for they are ever-connected to her. See Proverbs 8:12–14 for wisdom’s own testimony about some of her companions.

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