Radio Bible Class/RBC Ministries Kenya opened its offices in October 2001 after years of partnership with previous Christian organisations came to an end. In 2001, the current office was opened in Nairobi and full time staff were recruited.

Since its inception, the office has partnered with several mainstream Churches and participated in Church events, which created awareness of our Ministry Missions and Vision statements as well as ODB resources. This is how the volunteer’s initiative started, with 30 volunteers from the Youth ministries of various Churches and the number grows each year! We are currently distributing over 70,000 resources annually!

In 2015, RBC Ministries made a change of name to Our Daily Bread Ministries; our vision and focus remains the same, to share God’s Word to help readers grow in a personal relationship with God through our resources both locally and in the neighbouring countries.

Over the years, through the faithful giving of our Readers we have embarked on various projects, such as Prisons Ministry, Schools Ministry, Police/Military Ministry, Hospital Ministry, Market Place Ministry and lastly the Volunteers Ministry.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations….teaching them to obey everything I have commended you!” Matthew 28:19.